How do I access my husband's text messages remotely?

How do I access my husband's text messages remotely?

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First of all, what should you check when you are still together? (How to check if the remote is separated?)

First of all, you have to master all his passwords inadvertently! ! It's convenient for him not to be around in the future, so he can't check directly with his mobile phone, or he can check the post remotely!

Iphone to find my friends.

This is a function that I think is the most cowhide. It used to be that finding my friends and finding my mobile phone were two separate apps. At that time, I just had my ex-boyfriend's apple id, and then I logged in to find the iphone, which would directly locate all his devices. I remember the most impressive time at that time was when he told me that he had just got up, so I checked his location and found that he was somewhere else. I didn't reveal him, but I silently watched him play with me, telling me that the little spot he was positioning while brushing his teeth was rushing home …

Later, the iphone should have merged the function of finding friends, and the sisters will add their boyfriends to the shared location when they are still in love! I always ask him directly if he wants to share my love now, and he knows it.

(Adding the other party requires the consent of the other party's mobile phone. If you meet the best love rat, and you don't want him to know that you can locate him, you can secretly share his mobile phone and be sure to know his password! Then the most important thing is that you need to delete him and your SMS records! Because the short message will have a small word to remind you that you have started to share the location! Remember to delete! ! ! )


When his mobile phone is around you, checking WeChat is the fastest way, and it's something you can't check when he's away, so check it quickly if you can!

Check the content:

1. His chat records, look at his records with his brothers, parents and so on. Search keywords search your name, girlfriend, ex-girlfriend's name, her, and so on.

2. Look at his blacklist. I once had a friend whose girlfriend checked her mobile phone very strictly. As soon as he got home, he put several female friends who had a good time on the blacklist and pulled them out as soon as he went out … So there must be something good in the blacklist, sisters!

3. Look at his collection. There will be things in the general collection that he can't bear to delete! For example, I once turned to his collection of indescribable things! The collection of several years ago even forgot himself!

4. Look at the message record of his circle of friends! Mainly depends on who he replied, who replied to him and what he talked about!

5. See who is blocked by his circle of friends. Just click on your circle of friends who show love and see who he won't let see, and whoever has a problem.

6. Click to switch WeChat to see if he has a WeChat trumpet!

7. Open the friend add request. Look who this dog man added recently.

8. Open the WeChat payment record. Look where his money has been spent recently!

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