How can I see my wife's text messages?

How can I see my wife's text messages?

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1. Screen recording is the most reliable evidence collection.

Let's take a mobile phone as an example. First, we can find that the information sent will not show unsent or unsuccessful. Then when recording the screen, you need to pull the whole screen from top to bottom and record all the information.

Secondly, after recording, click on the messenger information, which will show which number was sent to you.

Thirdly, use the mobile phone to dial your own number, determine what mobile phone number the mobile phone is using and confirm that the device is a mobile phone. Finally, disassemble the back shell of the mobile phone and record the equipment information such as the model of the mobile phone and the network access license. IPHONE can't remove the back cover, so it can only record system information.

How to use the saved SMS evidence? In judicial practice, we still need one piece of evidence to reinforce it, and the court also recognizes this way of proof, that is, the call record of your husband's or your wife's mobile phone number is divided into two parts, one part is the part where he made the phone call and the other part is the part where he sent the text message.

2. List of sending records of short messages When the list of sending records of short messages is printed, it will show which number a certain number is sent to in this second, and whether this time record is consistent with the time of the conversation reflected by the screen recording just now is very critical.

If it is consistent, it can basically prove that the owner is the phone number shown on the call list, and this phone number is the real name, which can prove who the owner is.

If the owner's real name is your husband or your wife, it can be proved that the two people talking are your husband or your wife talking to a third party.

How to get a list of call records

Apply to the court to get it

If you follow the above and have so many evidences and clues that can reflect the content of extramarital affairs, you can have the right to apply to the court for a list in this way.

Go to the business hall to print. If you want to get it in advance, control your husband or wife's mobile phone when they are not looking, and then send someone to the business hall to log on to the machine that can print the call list with his number. When his mobile phone receives a dynamic password and logs in with this password, the call list can be printed smoothly.

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