How can I hack my wife's text messages?

How can I hack my wife's text messages?

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King of kings

Of course, marriage can also be beautiful, and some people can get important support from a good marriage. We just want to say that marriage, like many other things, should be an option in your life. It is you who choose marriage.

To decipher your wife's short message, you need to visit her mobile phone or its message backup. Hello, adopt the following procedures:

Physics visits her mobile phone: this is the most direct job. And monopolize her fingerprints or memorization to unlock quickly. When she doesn't monopolize the mobile phone, get to her mobile phone. Once you win the access, you can read her short message directly from her mobile phone.

Monopolizing spies: There are many monopolizing spies on the Internet. Well, take care of the messages that you miss your beloved wife. A few popular spy monopoly styles include mSpy, FlexiSPY and Spyic.

Visit her iCloud account: If your beloved wife monopolizes the iPhone, these monopolists usually ask you to install them on her phone without her knowledge. Hello, quiz. Visit her iCloud account. If she backs up the short messages to iCloud, please visit these short messages by logging into her iCloud account on the debating machine or other configurations.

Dominate the SIM card reader: SIM card reader Well, take care of your short messages when you visit her by reading the data stored on her SIM card.

Invite expert hackers: If you are new to this job, please invite expert hackers to achieve this cause for you. Hello, buy a SIM card reader online or in an electronic store. This crudeness will be expensive,

It is worth guarding against, and in some legal zones, the law is crude and short. Stealing other people's short messages without their consent will lead to heavy achievements. You'd better talk to your partner sincerely about any problem you are worrying about.

In the eyes of others, we are a model couple, a loving couple in the eyes of the older generation. We all think that my marriage is smooth without waves, and it has been wonderful since I got married. He was originally chosen because he was a potential stock and a generous man in the eyes of the older generation. At that time, he was poor and had no money at home. When we got married, we all borrowed money for banquets. When we got married, he only bought me a ring and no other jewelry. But I think those are external, as long as he is good to me all his life, even if there is nothing.

But I can't trust him any more. I hope he stays away from me. I have been fair in the industry now, and I will leave this house with my children. But there is still some pride in these years. Despite my heartache, I am still reluctant to divorce. My youth has been given to him, and I will be married in the future

I'm desperate, too. What's the point of surviving a marriage like this?

In my consulting career for more than ten years, I often meet couples with marital problems who come to ask for help. I always ask them the same question: What do you think is keeping the relationship between husband and wife? Or, what do you think is the essence of marriage? The answers of couples from all walks of life also

It is varied. Some people say that marriage is a responsibility that needs to be fulfilled for life and a commitment to each other. Some people say that marriage needs both parties to pay together, and the more they pay, the stronger the marriage; Some people say that marriage is to do one's duty and take one's share.

Do your duty. After listening to their answers, I probably know where their marriage problems lie, because although these answers touch on some characteristics of marriage, they do not reveal the essence of marriage.

What is the essence of marriage? It is intimacy! ! ! Because the relationship between men and women is first of all an intimate relationship, not a relationship of responsibility, dedication or obligation.

What is intimacy? Psychology believes that on the basis of interpersonal attraction, when two people are highly interdependent, the relationship between people will develop from a general relationship to an intimate relationship. Therefore, intimate relationship mainly includes family, friendship, love and other life.

The most important emotional relationship. The most important thing to maintain the relationship between men and women is intimacy.

The so-called "long-term frequent interaction" means that both parties contact each other voluntarily, exchange ideas, exchange views and share attitudes. This interaction can be at the ideological and spiritual level, or at the physical contact level. Of course, it is best to have both. give an example

Generally speaking, the intimate relationship between separated couples in two places will be damaged, because they can't have frequent physical contact and can't guarantee frequent psychological interaction. Even if one party is willing to talk, the other party is willing to listen, but the distance between time and space will also make this.

Intimacy has become more fragile, and there are no separated couples who can maintain intimacy. Of course, I have also seen some couples who are separated from each other. In order to meet the standard of frequent interaction, one party insists that the other party must send WeChat every hour, at least every day.

Three phone calls, you have to say good night to each other before going to bed, but the result is usually that Lao Yan flies apart. Why? Because this requirement violates the principle of "voluntariness", one party is forced to complete the index of "frequent interaction" and will not feel really intimate at all. At first,

That love is exhausted with time, and the emotional relationship is unsustainable.

Share many different kinds of activities and have common interests.

Some readers may question this article. For example, in some families, the husband stays at home after work and doesn't want to go out, while the wife likes to travel and make friends. They enjoy themselves and have a good relationship. So, do you have any concerns?

Up to now, although they are very different in traveling, they both like to taste delicious food, speculate in stocks, or watch horror movies, and when they do these things, they are both enthusiastic, tireless and emotionally mixed? That is,

That is to say, this standard is not to synchronize the preferences of husband and wife, but to have at least one thing that both husband and wife like to do or are interested in, so they have a common language for communication. But the saddest thing is that some couples even have one of these.

I can't find anything.

Two people have great influence on each other.

This standard is actually to hope that husband and wife can maintain a high degree of mutual influence in cognition, emotion and behavior. In other words, when the husband highly agrees with something, the wife is willing to listen and try to understand her husband's thoughts even if she has different opinions, and at the same time adjust herself.

Views on this matter; Similarly, when the wife likes something very much, the husband is willing to accept his wife's feelings and choose to love me, love my dog, even if he has no feelings about it. For example, when two people have an argument, one side is indignant and the other side is indignant.

Although this state is not good, it still has emotional influence on each other; And if one side is crying and sad, and the other side is indifferent and relatively indifferent, then I am afraid that the intimate relationship between them is really running out.

With intimacy, the relationship between the two sexes can naturally be maintained; Marriage without intimacy usually has only two outcomes, namely, cheating and divorce (or cheating first and then divorcing).

Why is this happening? Because intimacy is an innate emotional need of human beings, we need someone around us who is emotionally dependent on TA, who is willing to share the joys and sorrows of life with TA, who is willing to sit with TA and watch the flowers bloom in Yun Qi, and who is willing to.

Supporting each other with TA for the rest of their lives is not achieved by a piece of marriage paper, laws and regulations, moral constraints, nor by cognitive restrictions such as responsibility, obligation and commitment. This is a natural emotional flow. "I just want to do this, do this to me.

I feel very happy and happy, so I did it. " The most essential motivation to support all kinds of behaviors is the intimacy between me and TA!

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