How can I read my wife's text messages without her knowing?

How can I read my wife's text messages without her knowing?

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King of kings

My wife and I are in free love, and now my son is 6 years old. Now I live in two places because of my work. My parents died, and she went to work in kindergarten and took her son at home. I didn't mean to find that she often chats with another man on PHS during the process of checking the telephone bill on the Internet (the phone is tied to PHS). I also know this man. What should I do?

The netizen said this-

Long separation does more harm than good.

Career and family are equally important.

Who is it for without a family business?

Family disharmony caused by separation is inevitable.

My husband and I are also separated for a long time, and we have a baby for more than 70 days. We often quarrel on the phone when we are not together, and now most of them quarrel for the children. Sometimes he doesn't come home for half a month, so I think he will call and lose his temper! I am also very depressed!

No matter what you had in the past, it was a thing of the past, and a normal and healthy relationship would not take this as a threat.

You don't have any concrete evidence now. I suggest you talk to your wife calmly now, mainly to explain your attitude towards your family, so that she can know clearly, and at the same time, look at her reaction. If it's not too big a problem, then I suggest you put this SMS crisis aside first and look at your wife's specific actions. Don't act rashly.

However, I suggest that you try to end the living condition of separation between the two places as much as possible. People are not sages, and it is not a sin for anyone to go wrong after a long time. I hope you can understand this truth ~

I don't think it's as serious as you think. You should trust your wife. Since she loves you, she won't betray you even when chatting with men.

Just like a man, a man who is responsible for his family will not betray his wife even if he knows many women.

As a woman, you should spend more time with your wife and children. Although you live together, people sometimes need spiritual support.

A man wants to know a confidante, just want to be a good friend and won't sleep with her.

Why can men have confidantes while women can't have confidantes?

No matter how busy you are, remember to spend more time with your wife and children, so there won't be anything you see.

Hold steady first and see what the relationship between your wife and that man is.

Generally, I can only speculate on this kind of problem and help analyze it from multiple angles.

Because I don't know who you are and everything.

An important point: what is the nature of your job? This actually has some influence. (If you are in the army, a national cadre or an orthodox business, running a business,

[Because of the need of work, you will get angry and angry when you are out socializing late]

Here, do you have a record? Who asks himself if he can reassure his wife?

So you have to ask yourself these questions.

Whether it is a man in charge or not, whether the problem lies with himself.

"Don't think I can't live without you."

Whether it is angry words or other reasons. It all explains:

First, people in your wife's life circle have an influence on her. For example, the so-called relationship with another person at the same time (such as a third party)

I can say this responsibly: because I happen to live near the kindergarten, there are many things such as chores and trivial chats in the years of female teachers' lives.

Two: Your wife is young and still has a sense of pride in her beauty. And the strength of some beard.

Three: Your wife really needs it. It is impossible for a person to live in a family and an environment. Depending on the nature or situation of your work, there is a deviation in your mind.

Not much to say and analyze.

In short, after reading the above, I hope you can adjust your mind and ask yourself if you know it. Let your wife understand your work needs first. If something really causes her to give up, it is good for both sides to break up early. Of course, this is a kind of hypothesis. The misunderstanding needs to be explained by both sides, but you need to let your mistakes and mentality show before you can have a chance to talk.

Otherwise, there will be a stiff situation.

Make it clear to her that if you want to live a good life, don't contact the traffic police too much.

Whether they are having an affair or not, married women should not be too close to other members of the opposite sex.

Let her care about it. What would she think if you were with another woman in the middle of the night? ?

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Eye of God

I'm struggling, don't I sometimes think that if she doesn't tell me later, I can still have a firmer view on this matter. Let's say she cheated on you, and she took the initiative to explain it later. Say she didn't cheat, but what man would call a married woman's wife for no reason?

Besides, the two are still colleagues, not netizens chatting. Believe it or not, in your heart, you may have planted the seeds of doubt. In the days to come, when she calls your husband, will you wonder if she has called others like this? When doing anything with you, you will also wonder if she has done it with others. These will definitely affect your future life. So the best way is to do one thing, and that is to prove it. To prove that this colleague really likes to talk nonsense like your wife said.

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