How do I get into a cheating spouse's phone?

How do I get into a cheating spouse's phone?

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This depends on your own ability. I think it's best to inadvertently find the contact information of mistress through her husband's mobile phone. After finding the chat information of mistress, you ask your partner to contact this mistress, then become friends with her, and then find out her husband's contact information in this way.

There is another direct way, that is, follow this mistress, see where he lives, and then find the contact information of their owner through the property.

I think the specific contact information should be hard to find. If your husband is having an affair outside, then he will definitely not store the contact information of the affair in his mobile phone so aboveboard, and the chat on WeChat will definitely not let you send letters, so you can only see if he has a mistress outside in other ways, for example, you can see where he usually spends his monthly expenses and whether he stays out at night. If you only suspect that he has a mistress outside at present, then you can continue to observe for a period of time, and then show your cards to him after you are really sure.

It's hard to say, because it depends on whether you have this ability or not. Generally speaking, the most direct way for you is to find the contact information of this mistress when your husband is casual, and then let others get her husband's phone number by lying.

For example, you need to know the contact information of this mistress first, and then you need to know the contact information of this mistress. Then know where their family is and know her husband's name, and then call this mistress to get her contact information.

If you find that your husband has found a mistress, you must not show it at this time, because you must find evidence in front of your husband, so that he can be convinced and may use it in divorce.

Generally, you can open your husband's mobile phone to check her phone records. Generally, the contact information of Xiaosan should be used for chatting for more than 5 minutes. You can save all the phone records, and then you can filter the off-hours calls, and if the call time is longer, you should be able to find this person's contact information.

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