How can I hack my wife/husband’s cheating phone?

How can I hack my wife/husband’s cheating phone?

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King of kings

Yesterday we talked about the way the lover controls a man, for example, the lover threatens him by pretending to be pitiful, psychological tactics, reporting at work, etc.

Today we will talk about how to break the lover's manipulation and let the husband return to the family as soon as possible.

First, if the husband is engaged in a special occupation - analyze the lover's psychology and weaknesses with him.

Let's first talk about the fact that some men are afraid that their lover will report their wrong style because of the nature of their work, because in the eyes of many people, as long as men don't want to give up their jobs, it seems that it can't be solved.

I want to analyze it first. If a man breaks up with his lover, she will report it. If the man doesn't break up with her, but he doesn't divorce his wife, will she still report it? You know, if most lovers want to keep a man, she is afraid of making your husband sad, afraid that she will ruin your husband's future, her position is passive, I have counseled a lot of such cases, and lovers only dare to talk Brave, they also have a lot of scruples, most men are just controlled by a fake.

I hope all wives understand this, when you see through your lover's scruples, you can become your husband's strategist and help him break through this threat together.

You have to firmly say to the man, "Husband, look, if you want to cut off relations with her, she will tell you. If you don't divorce and maintain this state for a long time, do you think she will be satisfied?" You have to let the man see first. To the lover's appetite is not just to maintain the relationship, she is behind a banner.

Then you have to guide your husband: "Husband, she knows that you value your work very much, but she uses this method to threaten you. What do you think of her behavior? Is she a very destructive woman? Even if we compromise this time, Do you think it will satisfy her appetite?"

Second, if the lover threatens the man psychologically - let him know the lover's scheming and his love.

Once a woman finds out that her lover is very scheming, she feels that she can't compare. In fact, if your wife knows how to manage a marriage, then you don't have to worry about this at all.

Many lovers threaten him with a man's lack of love, "Just like you, no one loves you, and your wife doesn't love you, only me is good to you, if you break up with me, you will be abandoned by everyone".

This happens mainly because the emotional connection between husband and wife is not well done. Although the husband cherishes the family in his heart, he feels that his wife does not love him and only cares about children and making money, so he will find a lover for comfort.

In such a situation, the wife can tell her husband, "Husband, our marriage still has value, I will always be by your side, completely destroy the extramarital relationship, and we will heal the wound and rebuild the marriage."

Faced with this situation, the wife should let her husband see that she welcomes his return, let him see the warmth of home and the hope of returning, let him see that his wife will accompany him to resolve extramarital relationships, and give him strength, so that he will Be more firm.

Third, if the lover makes the man feel guilty by hurting himself - let him see the uncontrollable and terrible lover.

Many lovers threaten men that if they break up, they will jump off the building and cut their wrists. She will make your husband fearful. "What if she has an emergency, what should I do?" "She is fighting with her life, does she love her too much?" me?"

At this time, the wife wants to tell her husband about her lover's psychological motives: "She is threatening you, making you dare not leave her, and making you bear the consequences. Her methods are too insidious. This is not loving you, she is just living It's too worthless, and you can only save your relationship with one life, this kind of person is terrible."

At the same time, you should also tell him, "Husband, don't be afraid, I will deal with this matter with you, if she really comes to our house and does this kind of thing, we will call the police, the forensic doctor will conduct an autopsy, if she calls If you threaten you, then we will call the police and let her family know that if something really happened, we have done everything we can, and this matter has nothing to do with us.”

In short, you have to let your husband see the uncontrollable and terrifying behind the extreme behavior of your lover, and make your husband completely lose trust in her. At the same time, we must destroy the image of a gentle and considerate lover in a man's heart, make her husband fear her methods, let him see clearly that there is no true love between two people, and tell him that he will fight side by side with his husband. When you do these things, the lover will naturally be defeated without a fight.

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