What is Golden Rice?

What is Golden Rice?

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It has been modified to synthesize β -carotene in the edible part of rice. Golden rice is a precursor of vitamin A, a rice variety improved by genetic engineering.

This bio-fortified food was created to solve global health problems, especially vitamin A deficiency (VAD).

VAD may lead to a variety of negative health effects, which are common in countries that rely on rice or other micronutrient-poor carbohydrate foods. Such as dry eyes, if not treated, it may lead to blindness and decrease the immune system response.

The technology of golden rice was donated by its inventors Professor Ingo Potrykus and Professor Peter Beyer in 2000, and the severity of infection and the risk of death increased.

This kind of rice has been genetically modified to help people in poor areas of the world. It can produce β-carotene, which is not contained in rice under normal circumstances. During metabolism, β -carotene will be converted into vitamin A..

Golden Rice Project is a non-profit initiative.

The development of golden rice is strict, and individuals or organizations involved in its development have no financial interests. A complicated and meticulous process. An improved version of rice was produced, and its β -carotene content was twenty times higher than that of the first version. The inventor of golden rice cooperated with Syngenta and other scientists.

Despite the potential benefits of golden rice, this new version was donated to developing countries through golden rice network in 2004 due to concerns about genetically modified organisms. Its adoption met with resistance. However, studies show that protein in golden rice is neither toxic nor allergenic. At present, golden rice is registered as safe in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. Accelerate the introduction and adoption of golden rice. Policymakers are encouraged to find ways to overcome resistance,

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