What software can track my husband's mobile phone.

What software can track my husband's mobile phone.

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Where did the husband go? Fire prevention, theft prevention and mistress prevention! There are many men who often come home late because of work and other reasons, but their families are worried about his safety. They want to know where he is now, and it is inconvenient to always call to ask. What should I do? With the smart phone, a little scary spy, as long as the phone is on a person, you can always track his position. Come on, let's see how the major mobile phone brands and security software can be set so that you can locate the location of the lao phone (gong) at any time. Sure! It is not only limited to the mobile phone (lao) (gong), but also can locate the position of children and the elderly. Don't scold, tread lightly!

IPhone positioning is simple, but it is a double-edged sword.

The first thing to appear is kidney X. Now the iPhone has quite a number of users. As a successful person, it seems impossible not to have a kidney. Now there are kidneys all over the street. The anti-theft function of iPhone's mobile phone is very good and powerful. After it is locked, it can't even bypass the lock by swiping the phone, so that there has been an incident of malicious locking the phone to blackmail after stealing the number, which we will talk about later. Let's take a look at how the iPhone turns on the mobile phone location (mobile phone anti-theft) function.

How to turn on the function of mobile phone location (mobile phone anti-theft) for iPhone(IOS): It is very simple for iPhone to turn on mobile phone location, just go to mobile phone settings →iCloud→ log in to Apple ID→ turn on and find my iPhone.

How to locate the mobile phone for iPhone(IOS): Go to https://www.icloud.com/ on icloud → log in to the same Apple ID, and then go to Find My iPhone to see the geographical location of the iPhone bound to the current account.

Figure 1 Turn on the Find My iPhone function.

Figure 2 View iPhone positioning information

The function of finding my iPhone is a double-edged sword, which is being used for blackmail recently. Specifically, the user's Apple ID is obtained, and then the user's iPhone is locked remotely, and the locking information pops up for extortion. The reason is that the user's Apple ID is stolen or the authentication mailbox is stolen, or even because the user uses someone else's Apple ID. So how to prevent this problem? The preventive measure is to turn on the two-step verification function of Apple ID(iCloud). The method is: enter https://www.icloud.com/, log in to Apple ID→ password and account security → enter the answer to the security verification question → follow the prompts to start two-step verification. Also, the relevant purchase vouchers of the iPhone can be kept well, and the answers to security questions should be remembered.

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