How to know the other party's location through a mobile phone.

How to know the other party's location through a mobile phone.

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Many mobile phones are equipped with location function, and Apple's mobile phone is no exception. Sometimes when we travel, we accidentally lose our mobile phone, and we can get it back immediately. Then how do we know the location of the mobile phone?

To this end, Xiaobian specially found a lot of information. Let's take a look at it together.

1. Mobile phone tracking

We can enter the "find" option in the search box in the iPhone; Then select "Find iPhone", click Open, and then enter the ID account and password in the page, and log in.

When we log in, a map will appear, and we can see where our mobile phone is now.

Of course, we can also use our friend's iPhone, and we can locate the specific location of our iPhone through the function of "finding mobile phone".

When we know where our mobile phone is, we can play the ringtone, turn on the lost mode, erase the data of the mobile phone and so on.

However, it should be noted that when we do these operations, we need to ensure the state of networking, and at the same time, our iPhone needs to be a little and still on before we can operate.

2, find the conditions of mobile phone positioning

When we need to find the location of the mobile phone, we need to see whether the mobile phone meets the location conditions: 1. In the boot state, log in to icloud, and then turn on the "find iPhone" function; 2. Turn on the GPS service of the mobile phone and be connected to the network.

So after the above conditions are met, how can we locate the other half?

First of all, we open the control center of the mobile phone, select the "send every other airdrop" function, and then click the "contact only" option;

Then we open "Find Friends" in the mobile phone, click "Add" in the upper right corner of the mobile phone, then add ourselves and the other half, click "Send" in the upper right corner, and then select the "Always Share" option;

Then we need to take the other half of the iPhone, open the self-contained application software "Find Friends", and click to accept "Always Share".

At this time, we can check each other's position.

If we can't look at the navigation position, we can switch to the real map, and the surrounding buildings can be seen clearly!

So how do we check out the places where the other half often goes?

We can open the "Settings" of the mobile phone, select "Privacy", then find the "Location Services" option, click "Enter" and find the "System Services" option, and then we can scroll down to find the important places.

Haha, don't let your other half know this method ~

That's all we have to talk about today. Has the little friend got here yet?

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