How to find a phone's location without the other party needing to download software.

How to find a phone's location without the other party needing to download software.

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Can you locate the mobile phone number? Of course. Nowadays, locating by mobile phone number has become an indispensable tool for conversation and entertainment in people's daily life. Locating a person's position by mobile phone number is a very extensive software operation. So how do you locate a person's position by mobile phone number? In fact, the method is very simple. The following small series will teach you how to locate the mobile phone number, hoping to help you!

How to locate someone else's mobile phone.

1. First of all, the mobile phone connects to the computer and downloads the mobile phone positioning software. You can download it through third-party software or Baidu search professional software. Xiaobian takes the third-party software to download the mobile phone positioning software as an example. Open the 360 mobile assistant. Then search for "mobile phone positioning" in the search software, and you will see that there are many choices. The following xiaobian takes a positioning software as an example and installs it.

How to locate someone else's mobile phone without being found?

2. Then enter the positioning software just installed on the mobile phone.

How to locate someone else's mobile phone location tutorial picture

3. Enter the function interface and select Super Positioning.

How to locate someone else's mobile phone Android picture

4. Users who log in for the first time need to register. After registration, choose to add the bound mobile phone number. (Enter the number at the mobile phone number first, and then click Add. At this time, the information such as the licensed mobile phone number will be displayed at the top, as shown in the figure below.

How to locate someone else's mobile phone location vivo picture

5. When the above-mentioned users click Add, you will receive a short message to your bound mobile phone number, and then choose to enter the website.

How to locate other people's mobile phone location video pictures

6. Then a message will pop up asking if you are sure to locate your mobile phone. Just confirm.

How to locate someone else's mobile phone? People don't know the picture.

7. After that, enter the login mobile phone again to "find security anti-theft software".

How to locate someone else's mobile phone location for free pictures

8. Select "View Map" under the mobile phone.

Then you can see a detailed geographical map. The red mark is where the mobile phone you are positioning is.

10. Because it involves the name of the software, Xiaobian is not convenient to disclose it, but the actual operation is the same. It is recommended that friends try it themselves. Because positioning involves privacy, you must send a request for the consent of the other party before you can locate it. It cannot be said that it is illegal to locate people without the other party's knowledge.

The above is how to locate a person's position by mobile phone number. Now, have you understood it? I hope it will help you!

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It's hard to ask directly if you want to know where TA is. Mobile phone number location search will not be found.

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1. Download and install the [Camouflage Positioning] APP in the App Store.

2. Open the software and select WeChat positioning or QQ positioning. "

3. Manually enter or select a contact in the address book to send the positioning message.

4. Select a positioning content and send it to the other party. Of course, the other party will not find that it is positioned.

5. If the other party clicks on the URL in the location message, the location is successful, otherwise it fails.

In China, the phenomenon of losing contact frequently occurs, and many people hope to locate the position of the elderly, children, relatives and friends at home in real time to prevent losing contact. Next, I will teach you how to realize it through positioning software, prevent problems before they happen, and avoid the recurrence of tragedies such as missing family members and being unable to find them.

Open the location kit of your mobile phone. If it is not installed, please go to Baidu Mobile Assistant or other application markets to search for "Nod" to download and install it.

Enter "particle correlation"-"Send download address to the other party", and send the download address to another mobile phone for installation by taking SMS as an example.

Another mobile phone opens and downloads the particle application through the browser after receiving the download address. Take the particle application as an example (the particle application is suitable for positioning). Open the particle application and follow the steps to configure it.

Open the position tracking function of the main software, set the tracking times, time interval, line and start positioning. You will receive the location information of another mobile phone in a few seconds.

Mobile phone positioning must be used between family members or acquaintances, and the consent of the other party is required for those over 16 years old.

Nowadays, the function of software mobile phone retrieval is becoming more and more powerful, and there are more and more friends who need to locate their mobile phones. In fact, we can use the function of mobile phone retrieval to locate other people's mobile phones in reverse. So, how do we locate their mobile phones? Now I'm going to teach my friends a way to quickly locate the location of someone else's mobile phone with 360 mobile guards, and at the same time, because everyone introduces the method of locating a person's location by mobile phone number.

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