Direct positioning without the other party's authorization.

Direct positioning without the other party's authorization.

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Basically, everyone has a strong curiosity, especially for couples. If they are lovers from different places, they will always wonder where they will be if they can't find their other half. Therefore, they will always quietly inquire about each other's position through various methods. Some people don't know how to find each other's position. What I bring to you here is a tutorial on how to find each other's position quietly. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

One: Use Apple's mobile phone to check each other's location quietly.

Apple mobile phone is a very powerful mobile phone, and many people like to use it. If your other half or someone who wants to inquire about the location of the other party's mobile phone is an Apple mobile phone, and your own mobile phone is also an Apple mobile phone, then you can get the geographical location of the other party through the following methods. First of all, you can download a guardian app between couples in Apple's mobile phone. Because of some software, it can only be downloaded in Apple's mobile phone, but there is no way to download it in Android. After the download is completed, this software can obtain the geographical location of the other party in real time. Besides being able to get the location of the other party, it has other functions. Real-time positioning function, after opening, you can check the real-time position of the other party on your mobile phone, and even retrieve the previous historical position, so that you can clearly know where the other party is. If you want to get more information about the other party, you can also get the other party's mobile phone usage report through other functions, such as the web pages visited by the software, the places you have been, and the time spent in these.

Two: the method of positioning through Android mobile phone without the authorization of the other party.

In our country, most people use Android phones, and we can get each other's geographical location through some functions. We will download the software WeChat in our mobile phone. After all, WeChat is the mainstream social software in our country. Then everyone will download WeChat on their mobile phones. After opening WeChat, click on the search box, and then select this letter. A small program, after entering the small program, we can choose related content. Then according to a series of operations, send the contents of the applet to your friends who want to know the location. If a friend clicks on this applet, then we can get each other's position. If not, then we can't get it for the time being.

In fact, there are many ways to get each other's position, but if we want to get each other's position quietly, the method we use must be hidden, otherwise it will inevitably lead to unhappiness between two people.

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