Black technology for mobile phone virtual location sharing software.

Black technology for mobile phone virtual location sharing software.

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Apple's iPhone/IOS peripherals modify the principle of location sharing: mainly use Apple's universal peripheral protocol, register as an external GPS device, and then update the system location, which can take effect on all applications in the mobile phone. The main purpose is to improve the positioning accuracy and enhance the user experience in some occasions. For example, the positioning accuracy of the car GPS module is higher than that of the iPhone. If the car GPS information can be sent to the iPhone, the navigation experience on the iPhone will be much better.

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The practical use of this is very powerful, and all the apps of the whole mobile phone can be modified. Apple's iPhone/IOS peripheral small tail modifies and locates the shared location by using this protocol. By plugging in Apple's iPhone/IOS, the location information of all apps of the whole mobile phone can be modified from the hardware level, completely avoiding detection.

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