Is hiring a hacker illegal? My boyfriend is cheating on me. Will hiring a hacker put me in trouble?

Is hiring a hacker illegal? My boyfriend is cheating on me. Will hiring a hacker put me in trouble?

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King of kings

Have you ever thought about blocking someone's website, QQ, or Weibo account? How about directly disrupting the network he uses? I feel a little excited just thinking about it! Wait, what if you don't know how to hack yourself? What should I do if I don't know which company is strong in hacker technology? Now there is an opportunity for you to hire professional hackers to help you achieve your dreams.

Hacker's List, a website that provides "hacker services"

Hacker's List: Hacker's List

A website called Hacker's List uses the form of an intermediary website to provide secure transactions for employers and professional hackers. Since the establishment of this service, a technical idiot will also have the opportunity to obtain boss email permissions. Sounds unbelievable, right? Just like in blockbuster movies, you can easily hire a hacker to help you do bad things.

The announcement on the website states:

Hiring hackers should not be a difficult task, and we firmly believe that we can meet the needs of our clients for professional hackers. On Hacker's List, we want to provide our clients with the best communication and trading opportunities, so that you can connect with black tycoons from all over the world, even though they cannot hold hands.

Hacker's List has just been established for three months. It was established in November 2014 and has now received over 500 hacker task orders, urgently requiring bids from major hackers. There are now over 70 anonymous hackers displayed on the website, but most of them are not very active.

Similar to Taobao, it can rate hacker services

Hackers on the Hacker's List website have adopted a star rating mechanism, similar to the evaluation model of Taobao. The more positive reviews a hacker receives, the higher their star rating... This design is aimed at providing customers with better quality hacker services. It is worth mentioning that if the hacker is below the minimum Samsung level (i.e. those who are unqualified or have too many disputes with the employer), they will be eliminated.

The Hacker's List website will distribute fees at the end of each project, during which the website will keep transaction funds for the employer until the task is completed or cancelled. On an hourly basis, the price of hiring a hacker fluctuates between $28 and $300, while the reward for completing a hacking task can reach $100 to $5000.

Perhaps as you were hoping, everything was done anonymously. Hackers will receive compensation upon completion of the task, and no one will know the identity of the hacker involved in the task.

Hacker's List, a website that provides "hacker services"

What are the hacker tasks?

On the hack task list of the website, the editor found that it prominently listed tasks such as "blacklisting Facebook accounts", "blacklisting Gmail accounts", "blacklisting a certain website", and "blacklisting a certain business account"... However, surprisingly, the website still has many task lists that require hackers to enter the school's academic system to change scores, and even the tycoon kids cannot afford to be hurt.

The following is a partial task list, along with the client's task pricing:

$300- $500: I need to hack an Android game, Iron Force, which is an online game developed by Chillingo. Because of its interactivity and frequent upgrades, it is difficult to hack it. I need hackers to help me create a cheat for charging diamonds and money, and if possible, to create a fully automatic leveling and monster fighting function.

$10- $350: I need account information and message content for a certain Facebook account, and if successful, there will be follow-up tasks to post.

$300- $600: I need hackers to help me adjust my final exam scores, which should be completed within a week.

$200- $300: I need to hack into a corporate email account, backup all the emails inside, and then send emails to all the contacts on the email list, claiming to have committed defamation and lying.

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