where can i hire a hacker online?

where can i hire a hacker online?

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King of kings

The Wall Street Journal reported that the latest report of Dell's security company SecureWorks showed that intelligence analysts found that the underground employment market of Russian and other hackers showed a rapid growth trend.

After nearly eight months' investigation of dozens of dark networks on the Internet, analysts said that malware including viruses and other bundled software became "cheaper, and greatly lowered the threshold for hacking". According to the research report, new hacker courses, such as "how to send a phishing email", can be purchased online at a price ranging from 20 to 40 dollars; Computer remote access to "Trojan horse programs" and other tutorials, even as low as 5 to 10 dollars.

In addition, hackers charge $129 for stealing personal emails from Gmail or Yahoo accounts, and much higher for stealing corporate email accounts-$500 per mailbox. The report did not reveal the fulfillment of the promise of these online hacking transactions, but it pointed out that an illegal service provider claimed that they could steal the victim's mail without anyone noticing anything suspicious.

The publication of this report comes at a time when law enforcers are paying more and more attention to this emerging hacker-for-hire market. This underground employment market allows anyone who has the conditions to access the Internet and can pay a little commission to easily damage the Internet security. Hacking has become an act that has spawned all kinds of crimes, including illegal gambling, insider trading and so on.

According to the report, the operation of hacking business has tended to ordinary enterprises. For example, many Russian hackers will provide 24/7-"24 hours a day, 7 days a week" service. Analysts also found that hackers peddle their products like a typical startup-such as advertising "free attack trial" and "strong attack capability".

Identity theft, such as credit card number, bank account voucher and passport, is still the most popular standard product on the dark internet. In addition, Dell SecureWorks found that hackers are now selling frequent flyer accounts and hotel sub-accounts, a trend previously reported by The Wall Street Journal. It is reported that these accounts can be used to redeem gift cards on legal websites.

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