where can i hire a hacker urgent comments?

where can i hire a hacker urgent comments?

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King of kings

In addition to clearly priced services and services, hackers and intermediaries have also made great efforts in after-sales service.

Ironically, black market hackers provide illegal and unethical services on the one hand, while trying to maintain their reputation in anonymous networks on the other. They constantly emphasize that they are technically excellent and do not accept any bad reviews. If there are bad reviews, they will explain them. Only then did they show a little hacker spirit of advocating and pursuing higher technology.

In contrast, the related statements of the watch network are quite straightforward, and they will post user comments to attract customers:

This statement seems to justify the hacker, but combined with the business of its website, this statement is quite ironic. On the one hand, it claims to abide by morality, and on the other hand, it exploits the weakness of human nature and the loopholes of law and morality. There is always some meaning of fighting violence with violence, and it is also necessary to stand up.

The operators of some servers in the dark network do not think that they are illegal. They think that they are defending human rights and fighting for people's rights such as freedom of speech. Relevant organizers believe that the dark net is just a tool, just like a hammer. Hammer can be used to kill people, and also can be used to nail nails. Besides the negative content on the dark net, Tor has also played some positive roles. However, little help can hardly change the fact that Tor has become an accomplice to evil deeds. Tor, originally created to protect information security, has evolved into a platform umbrella for selling information, which may be worth pondering by its founders, operators and participants.

The hacker employment market is booming, and the original pure hacker spirit may be unsustainable. It seems that many hackers now carry out various activities more driven by interests. They use the tide of Internet development, the main body of the network-people who may have bugs anyway, to avoid legal pursuit and moral trial through various technologies, and wander on the edge of law and morality. With the increasing attention paid by countries, enterprises and individuals to network security, various network security laws have been promulgated one after another, and security measures have become more and more perfect. These sellers and intermediaries who provide hacking services may be dancing at the tip of a knife and partying on the edge of a cliff.

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