where hire a hacker?

where hire a hacker?

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King of kings

Dark net:

Advantages: high anonymity, online hacking baseline.
Disadvantages: the process is complicated and there is a risk of being cheated.


Advantages: more trustworthy and high success rate.
Disadvantages: limited contacts, may not find a suitable candidate.

Security forum:

Advantages: easy to get a reply, and team expertise is more important.
Truth: You need to know the truth, and there are risks in making fake posts public.


Advantages: self-control, able to master more skills.
Disadvantages: it runs well and it is difficult to reach the professional level.

Recruitment company:

Advantages: high success rate, directness and simplicity.
Disadvantages: Expensive and potentially over-dependent.
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Eye of God

"In the past, if you want to launch a DDoS attack and hack the target website, you must be very proficient in network technology." Europol said, "But now it is not needed at all."

With hired hacking service, anyone can attack an online service or website at will. These targets may be banks, government agencies, police, schools and so on.

And the price is as low as $18.99! Moreover, it is still a monthly rental price. This means that you can attack several targets for only $18.99.

The destructive power of the hired hacker service website can be seen.

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