why a company hired a hacker?

why a company hired a hacker?

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King of kings

The term "hacker" has a rich and colorful history. Not long ago, if someone suggested removing this word, you might give them a cold eye. This word form allows people to perform non mediocre work - rather than imitators.

Nowadays, "hackers" all have different meanings - taking shortcuts and surrounding far-reaching goals. Product managers and founders of startups, quick attack ideas or successful templates can be interesting. Who doesn't want to pursue a potential solution to help gain traction quickly?

Yes, some startup founders themselves are "hackers" such as * * Research Institute, or management encourages the use of "growth hackers". But each company and situation is unique. A hacker, suitable for another project that may be harmful, even for your entrepreneurial project.

Some hackers are always aimless and rough cuts, sometimes creations, but more often they fail to hit their targets.

But there is a bigger problem - hackers often sacrifice buildings. Just like you can't build a powerful house, like a strange game like stacking firewood, you can't build a strong business ecosystem solely through hackers.

Too many people believe that they can successfully go beyond building and land rights efforts with just a few shortcuts. They were not aware that creating something solid and persistent - not unstable and quickly pieced together, required work.

To establish a successful career and company, you must:


Hackers may easily lead to your ultimate success, but the steps are not easy to imagine. Start with a strong purpose - understand the goals you want to achieve and develop a clear strategy to achieve them. From a solid foundation of strategic development. But there was no quick solution to this difficult task.


Everyone likes a good story, but the beginning of the story, "gilding" eavesdropping on their path to success, is distracting. Do not allow yourself to be swayed by tempting shortcuts. If you want to build something long-lasting, turn off the basic noise and focus ability, instead of just taking a temporary leap, you may be here today and leave tomorrow.


You can try attacking, ultimately becoming a huge waste of your time and energy, a major deviation from your goals. Remember, every decision must be linked to your long-term vision. Make your best plan to reduce mistakes and avoid wasting time. Otherwise, you may lose any motivation to work hard.


Achievement requires serious effort and a clear understanding that there are high risks involved. Today seems to be a time saving arrangement, and the implementation of your plan may be at risk. All efforts are meaningless if you choose the fastest route and don't follow your plan.

Nowadays, "entrepreneurial hackers" are seen as a good thing. But tomorrow, who knows? I know that if you start with a goal and focus on the basics, you will have a better chance than hackers.

When others tell you success stories, you hope they will remember the efforts you put in to build something stable and lasting. Instead of using some amazing gimmicks before the ashes are extinguished.

No one understands the essence of data better than hackers. It can be the world's

The most orderly

The most precise

The most unshakable machine can also be

The most chaotic, out of control, and vulnerable existence. "-" Quick Wear: The Face Smash Monster "

We are not here because we are free, we are here because we are not free. "-" The Matrix ";

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