why hire a hacker?

why hire a hacker?

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King of kings

"There are three types of people in the world: those who have been hacked before, those who don't know they have been hacked before, and those who won't admit they have been hacked before."

A young man in a gray shirt and black trousers was giving a speech. He was of medium height and slim, looking a bit nervous with one hand tucked into his pocket. Below sat over 300 people, mostly hackers from all over the place. The audience only knew the young man's online name "Piggy Hero," and that he was the number one white hat hacker in the Wooyun community.

In the hacker world, the terms "black hat" and "white hat" represent two opposing roles – internet bandits profiting from online information and heroes protecting internet security. This analogy originates from early Western films that used white and black hats to distinguish between good and evil.

The date was September 12, 2014 at the first Wooyun Cyber Security Summit. The organizer was Wooyun.com, China's major third-party cyber vulnerability reporting platform founded in 2010 by Fang Xiaodun, formerly of Baidu Security Team, which has become a gathering place for white hat hackers. They are like woodpeckers on the internet, constantly monitoring vulnerabilities in websites and sounding the alarm.

"Later I thought of a fourth kind of person – those being hacked right now." "Piggy Hero" continued in his southern accent. He wasn't being alarmist. On the other side of the podium, an attack targeting the mobile phones of the audience members was underway – at least 3 people had their bank card balances, 1 person's stock trading and other private information displayed on the conference projection screen.

In the online world constructed of data flows, such attacks are taking place almost every second. The more reliant people become on the internet, the more vulnerable they are.

The world wasn't always like this when hackers first emerged. According to the book "Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution," the term "hacker" was first introduced to the computing community in the 1960s after referring to someone who chops wood. The hacker culture originated from MIT students in the 1950s who believed information should be open and equally accessible to all. So they broke into a computer system restricted by the authorities.

Chinese hackers didn't appear until the 1990s. They started by mainly cracking software programs, copying software onto floppy disks. Their first collective action was very characteristic of the times – sending spam emails to Indonesian government websites after the Indonesian anti-Chinese riots.

The early idealism was gradually replaced by monetary temptations. In the underground world of black hats, an industrial chain trading in information had already formed, bringing huge profits to the black hats. Wooyun's founder Fang Xiaodun once said in an interview that you may one day find a seemingly inconspicuous hacker living in nice apartments and driving nice cars. "Currently the income gap between top black hats and white hats is about 10,000 USD a day versus 10,000 USD a month."

The threats from black hats have stimulated a surge in demand for cyber security. According to a report in the professional journal "Information Security and Communications Secrecy," China's cyber security industry reached a market size of 21.64 billion Yuan in 2012, a year-on-year increase of 20.9%. Among listed companies in the A-share market, at least 12 are involved in the cyber security concept, not including the NYSE-listed Qihoo 360 (ticker: QIHU) which has a market cap reaching USD 10 billion. The company claims to have "the strongest white hat hacker army in the eastern hemisphere."

In this hidden battlefield, the tug-of-war between white hats and black hats has long begun. Unable to see each other, they can only sense the other's existence through repeated sparring.

Black and White Hats: Offense and Defense

Every "message" is like a cow, skinning, dismantling, slicing meat, until 7 am next day, only a pool of blood is left.

In the hacker world, black hats and white hats represent two opposing roles – internet bandits profiting from online information and heroes protecting internet security. Unable to see each other, they can only sense the other's existence through repeated sparring.

Unlike in the magical parallel world imagined, confrontations between white hats and black hats often do not occur simultaneously. Lin Wei, Deputy Director of Qihoo 360's attack and defense lab, told Southern Weekly that they mostly deal with prior vulnerability mining or crime scenes left by black hats after an incident.

Reconstructing vulnerabilities based on traces and finding perpetrators are their most common tasks. White hats may also use attacking means – planting Trojan horses on an intruder's website to locate them when they try to operate it.

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Eye of God

The reasons for hiring hackers are as follows:


Detect quiet cracks: hackers well detect whether the collective debate machine or collection is illegally visited,

Grow up and collect silence: hire experienced hackers. All right, consultants collectively grow up and collect silence, find out potential quiet problems and ensure the quiet of the cabinet and establishment.

Save data exposure funds: data exposure funds are extra high, which can make the software get the latest quiet patch. Experienced hackers have saved the collective money in detecting and displaying quiet cracks.

Grow productivity: hire hackers. Well, grow the productivity of employees by being playful and turning things into materials. Well, consultants collectively better maintain data and compilation.

Good at knowledge: hired hackers have good knowledge and materials,

Hiring hackers can argue that the collective provides a unique corner of Gu Feishen, advising them to prevent potential collection attacks, to grow collection quietly, and to save money. Well, consultants collectively perceive and display quiet topics. These experts have the ability to penetrate and ensure the quietness of the compilation.

Take care of them to prevent potential collection attacks. Hiring hackers can provide a unique angle of concern for the collective, improve the collection of security, and save capital. Well, take care of the collective awareness and deployment of security issues. These professionals have the ability to penetrate and ensure the security of the compilation.

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