would you hire a hacker as security consultant?

would you hire a hacker as security consultant?

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Find the right hacker: during the period of finding a hacker consultant, this includes visiting the security risks of the enterprise and the areas that need to be investigated and prevented. Ok, adopt it from the following aspects:

Expertise: adopt experienced and well-connected hackers as consultants to better drum up specific security needs and budgets. You need to answer your need for peace.

Chen Ken: Take an Anjing consultant who can provide you with proper hacker attack and defense strategies, and encourage better data security.

Linked materials: Hackers who provide various linked materials (such as QQ and WeChat) are employed. ).) to manipulate the link and better guide it.

Contract: well, sign a contract with the hacker consultant, taking care of their honesty and service quality. The contract should include the essence of service, expenses, responsibilities and so on. We must handle well with them in order to visit their Anjingjian in real time to negotiate and prevent steps.

Dredge the same reason: after hiring hackers, the same period

Evaluation and optimization: We also need to work with hacker consultants to optimize and adjust when necessary. It's almost an calming test and a calming innovation. Well, this is achieved by collecting customer feedback and statistical data. It is necessary to evaluate its dominance results on schedule.

According to reports, Poly Network, a blockchain interoperability platform, said today that since hackers have returned most of their digital assets, they decided not to pursue their legal responsibilities. Not only that, but also hire him as the company's chief security adviser.

Last week, Poly Network was hacked and encrypted assets worth $610 million were stolen. This is by far the most serious safety accident in the history of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) industry. Poly Network allows users to exchange tokens from one digital account book to another, while hackers take advantage of a loophole in Poly Network code to transfer digital assets to their encrypted wallets.

The incident is considered as the biggest robbery in digital currency in history, surpassing the $534.8 million digital currency stolen from Japanese Coincheck Exchange in 2018 and the $450 million bitcoin missing case from Tokyo Mt. Gox Exchange in 2014.

But in this invasion case, the hacker made an unusual move and returned most of the stolen funds. All digital products have been returned except $33 million. However, more than 200 million dollars of funds are currently locked in an account, which requires Poly Network and hackers to provide passwords to access.

Poly Network has begged the hacker to hand over the password, the so-called "private key". Last week, Poly Network offered a reward of $500,000, hoping that hackers would return all their funds. At first, the hacker rejected the bounty offer, but on Monday, he said, "If a hacker can break into Poly Network, I am considering using this bounty as a reward."

Poly Network also said today that it hopes to implement a "major system upgrade" to prevent such attacks from happening again in the future. But we can't do this until all the remaining assets are returned.

Poly Network also said that the promise of rewarding the hacker with $500,000 is still valid. Not only that, Poly Network even invited the hacker to become its "chief security consultant".

Poly Network said in a statement: "In order to express our gratitude and encourage the hacker to continue to contribute to the security progress of the blockchain world with us, we sincerely invite him to be our chief security consultant."

"We promised to reward him with $500,000, but he didn't accept it, and publicly stated that he had considered providing this fund to the technical community that contributed to blockchain security. We fully respect his ideas. In order to express our gratitude, we will still transfer this $500,000 bounty to his wallet address, so that he can decide to use it for network security and support more projects and individuals. "

Poly Network finally stated that it has no intention to investigate the legal responsibility of this hacking attack.

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