How Police Monitor Cell Phones: Techniques and Legalities

How Police Monitor Cell Phones: Techniques and Legalities

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Eye of God

I am a 21-year-old female, who has been monitoring for nearly two years. I started monitoring at the age of 19 and found it at the age of 20. Now I am collecting relevant evidence. The following monitoring functions are my own experience and are 100% true.

First, environmental monitoring

What you say will be recorded in real time and uploaded to the monitor's Web account when the phone is turned off on standby and the calling card is not plugged in, which means that you will still be monitored by the environment no matter whether you turn it off or stand by or even jam the card. (things determined by personal experience)

Second, the address book query

The name and number of the contact person in the address book on the mobile phone can be queried by the monitor in real time.

Third, read short messages

Read all the messages received and sent. Even if deleted, the monitor will still get the backup messages and support all languages. (This means that since you can't see the information, the monitor still has a backup.)

Fourth, video camera

The monitor can secretly order your mobile phone to automatically turn on the camera function, shoot the scene environment around the mobile phone, and upload the shooting file to a secure Web account, so that you can immediately see the scene of the monitored mobile phone (this means that the other party can see you in real time and save your video or take photos). If you can't get rid of the monitoring for the time being, stick the camera directly.

V. Notice of change of calling card

When the mobile phone is being monitored, you suddenly change a calling card and insert it into this once-monitored mobile phone. The software will continue to collect and report all the same data, and the monitor will continue to monitor the changed new calling card, which is a very useful warning for the monitor to change the calling card. (So this function shows that even if you change the card, it will still be monitored.)

Six, unlimited change of equipment

The mobile phone can be replaced quickly, and the monitoring software allows the monitor to change and install it on the monitor's new mobile phone indefinitely (this shows that even if you change the mobile phone, the other party can still install the software on your new mobile phone indefinitely).

Seven, remote control

All the function monitors in your mobile phone can change the settings remotely. By sending secret instructions to your mobile phone, all the functions can be controlled. The SMS instructions sent by the monitors can't be detected on your mobile phone. You can start and stop all the functions and change all the settings. (My mobile phone number can't be dialed now, and it has been set for call forwarding, which was secretly set by the monitor, so this is enough to prove that he can go to your mobile phone anytime and anywhere.)

The above seven functions are just one part of monitoring, and there are some other functions that I can't explain clearly. Today, I published this article just to let people who are being monitored like me see that it is very difficult and miserable to be monitored ... it is very difficult to obtain evidence, and it is even more difficult to put criminals in jail, but we can't give up. This is our dignity. As long as we who are being monitored work together, this matter will definitely end one day. I hope to come so early! I hope no one will be monitored again! I hope all the monitored people can live a normal life and return to life itself! It is fate that we met because of monitoring, and it is also a blessing in misfortune. Knowing you let me know that I am not alone. We who are being monitored have been working hard all the time.

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