Trusting a Private Investigator: What You Need to Consider

Trusting a Private Investigator: What You Need to Consider

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Private detective, as its name implies, refers to an organization that is run by individuals or organizations outside the national law enforcement administrative department to carry out tracking, investigation and other work. The help of private detective belongs to the category of private relief and is a paid service. The service is mainly the investigation and evidence collection service of civil and commercial affairs. It is completely feasible and credible to entrust private detectives with legal investigation affairs and legal disposal of non-litigation affairs.

Ten rules of detective

As a private detective, you must keep secrets strictly, which is the most basic thing. You must keep the secrets of the householder strictly. If it is leaked, you will lose the detective's credit.

It is forbidden to accept bribes.

Never be lazy even if it is a futile search.

Reason is better than emotion.

You can't judge things by subjective opinions, only the facts with evidence are true.

You must be proficient in one of judo, karate and aikido as self-defense.

Be familiar with psychology, especially criminal psychology.

Must have the foundation of medicine and forensic science.

The investigation report must be recorded in detail.

When forming a team to investigate, you must never rob yourself of credit.

A prerequisite for a detective

I am curious about any problem and try to solve it.

Doing the same thing over and over again is very patient.

Can improvise.

Good at walking.

Have a keen reflex nerve.

6 can read words and listen to words between the lines.

Strong sense of direction.

Have a good memory.

Have the sixth sense.

Good observation and reasoning ability
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