Questions to Ask to Catch a Cheating Partner: A Guide

Questions to Ask to Catch a Cheating Partner: A Guide

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If you suspect that a friend is having an affair, the following are the detailed procedures in the case of not loving:

There are procedures for clarification

Collection clarification:

Make sure that the clarification you have really points to an affair.

Record the date, period and link environment.

Romantic dialogue:

What is the best environment for dialogue,

Be sure of what you want to say and the questions you want to ask. It's best to be secretive and not easily disturbed.

Between your inspection and clarification,

Have a dialogue:

Re-read the dialogue at the beginning of the account from Mo's standpoint.

Have you ever thought about your grades?

Why not have another contact at the head of the account? It was just our contact.

If I perceive through other materials, ask the following questions:

Why did you cheat? What do you think will break out?

Listen to each other's reply:

Give a friend a chance to explain.

Have you ever blocked the whole connection with that person?

Guard against listening and interrupting.

Express feelings and at most:

Express your feelings and at most rationally.

At most, whether to connect this connection.

A few open account questions,

Don't clarify the procedure.

Open account dialogue:

Take the appropriate period and have a good dialogue. Prevent slander.

Have a dialogue:

Talk easily at the head of the account, and gradually introduce more subtle topics.

Do you have any troubles?

Are you happy about our contact?

Listen and inspect:

Responsible for listening to each other's answers.

Sparse the following topics:

How do you feel recently?

Express concern and desire:

Express your concern for your friends.

Inspect the dictation of conversation and non-conversation.

It is argued that you contacted Huaxia to look after your thoughts and needs.

Is there any clarification on non-argument

Manipulate peace: manipulate peace and love in the process of dialogue.

Express lofty sentiments: express your feelings clearly, whether it is missing, sadness or vitality. At most, whether to connect or not.

Come to Japan at most: based on the results of the dialogue and the department's feeling, it's all right to sponsor and advocate to relatives and friends.

These programs are designed to lead a deliberate and deployed dialogue and take care of you when you suspect a friend is having an affair.

The root cause of sponsorship: no matter what the result is,

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