Viewing Deleted WhatsApp Messages by Sender Without Apps

Viewing Deleted WhatsApp Messages by Sender Without Apps

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The WhatsApp platform recently added the function of deleting sent messages, but the team of Android Jefe found that these messages were not completely deleted. The deleted sent message will be presented as a notification on the receiver's mobile phone, and the message can be seen within a few hours through special software.

This software vulnerability seems insignificant, but the Android notification log does not appear out of thin air. If an Android device is invaded by malware, you can find unread WhatsApp messages in the notification log and delete them after reading them. This is a big problem for WhatsApp, which is famous for its privacy and security.

Every time an Android device receives a notification, it will be stored in a log file. This log file will automatically generate a record of every process after the device is started. If you get the permission of the log file, you can see all the notification information after the device is started, regardless of the privacy attribute setting of the notification.

The data in the notification log was originally designed to provide technical information to developers, and text message notifications like WhatsApp were also stored in the log. If the user deletes the sent message, he will think that the other party will not receive the message, but the notification log file of Android device will record each message notification. You only need to use the following two methods to get the permission of notification log:

1. Create a home widget to link to the log file through some third-party desktop launcher.

2. Download a notification history APP to find the notification information in the log file.

As can be seen from the above, it is very simple to access the notification log file in the Android device.

People choose WhatsApp because it can send encrypted text messages. Now it seems that there is no problem in the message transmission process, but the problem is the message notification that is actually sent to the device at last. Most notification log apps will decompress the log into a text file or database, which can be imagined by both regular software and malware.

So how do Android users do privacy protection? It's no use just disabling message notification; The best way is to restart the phone every time you receive a WhatsApp message, which will empty the log file; Install antivirus applications on Android phones; Enable the biometric authentication method on the mobile phone.

After receiving the notice, WhatsApp said that the message deletion function would not delete the notification message on the mobile phone. As of press time, it has not received a reply from the company.

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