Recovering Deleted WhatsApp Photos: Step-by-Step Process

Recovering Deleted WhatsApp Photos: Step-by-Step Process

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What if I can't find WhatsApp photos or media files? How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages and photos? WhatsApp is a chat tool that we often use. In our conversations with friends and relatives, we have shared many photos and videos. Many of these photos and videos are experiences in our lives.

After using WhatsApp for so many years, I will choose iTunes to back up the whole iPhone, because iTunes is very comprehensive and reliable. However, some users like to back up WhatsApp data to iCloud, because it is really convenient to back up to iCloud.

Sometimes, if we accidentally delete the whole dialogue in WhatsApp, then the text, photos and videos of this dialogue will be deleted together. At this time, I believe many people will try their best to save these accidentally deleted WhatsApp photos and videos.

Here are the rules for correcting rough WhatsApp photos:

Recover from the storage in the mobile phone: WhatsApp stores all audio messages and pictures in important places on the mobile phone, so hello, first look for shoddy photos in the photo monopoly of the mobile phone, such as Android photo album or Google photo album. iPhone users should go and see the photo monopoly.

Dominant cloud storage rules: If cloud storage is monopolized, it can be uploaded to the camera in cloud storage.

Dominate third-party appliances: Are you okay? Third-party devices such as DrdoiKit or Wondershare MobileTrans, which dominate iMobie, are used to correct rough photos.

Look for rough photos in the "camera film" or the folder of visiting Buddha.

Dominate Google Photos: If you monopolize Google Photos, you'd better find the shoddy photos in it.

Restore rough WhatsApp photos through mobile phones, cloud storage, third-party devices or storage in Google Photos.

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