Are Deleted WhatsApp Messages Lost Forever? Understanding Data Recovery

Are Deleted WhatsApp Messages Lost Forever? Understanding Data Recovery

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To recover data using Happy Mobile Recovery Master, follow these steps:

Launch Happy Mobile Recovery Master and click on "Recover from Device Scan" at the top. Connect your phone (if it's your first time installing the software, tap "Trust" on your phone). Click "Start" to enter device scanning recovery mode.

In the data recovery interface, click on the "WhatsApp Chat History" icon and wait for the scan results. Scanning typically takes 5-10 minutes, but may vary depending on your phone's memory data size.

After a successful scan, you'll be directed to the WhatsApp chat history results list. Click "Show Deleted Only" in the upper left corner. The orange text indicates the detected deleted data (click here if the recovery is incomplete). Select the data you wish to recover (otherwise, it defaults to select all) for recovery.

In the bottom right corner of the interface, choose "Recover to Mac" to recover the selected data to your computer.

Next, select your desired recovery path. Click "Browse" to change it (otherwise, it will use the default path). Click "Recover" to restore data to the specified path. To cancel, click "Cancel" or close the window with "X".

Once recovery is complete, click "Close" or use "X" to close the window.
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