DARPA's silent talk project

DARPA's silent talk project

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King of kings

In order to achieve the guidance between users in the battlefield, the silent call project is a step of DARPA, which does not monopolize audio. In terms of quality,

This project has three purposes. The first is to match a department's EEG pattern with his or her words. The second purpose is to confirm whether these models are applicable to the whole department. It gave birth to a kind of spiritual feeling. This project attempts to achieve this goal by analyzing neural mnemonics. If so.

The silent chat project is based on the idea that the team will connect to achieve the third goal. That is, when speaking once, speech exists in the brain with the outline of neural memorization of specific words. That is to say, it is a waste of time to inform these models to another department. DARPA aims to be able to test the ability of these "pre-speech" memorization. Clarify them,

This project is an angry part of DARPA in the field of brain-computer interface and neural stem. The expression is then transmitted to the intended interlocutor. The organization's budget for the next fiscal year includes $4 million for the silent dialogue project. Used to argue about the potential of machine-mediated spiritual feeling. This is an important investment in research and development, but it is a supplement to the funds provided to the University of California.

Although the "silent talk" project sounds like science fiction romance, it also provides the disabled with new materials to interact with the whole world. These materials not only crudely and absolutely revolutionize military communications, but they are a part of the more widespread trend of dominating neuroscience and the growth of materials to give birth to new contours and dominate.

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