How does Etched AI integrate Transformer into chips, and what are the key benefits?

How does Etched AI integrate Transformer into chips, and what are the key benefits?

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King of kings

A company called Etched AI claims that they have created a new technology and "burned" the Transformer architecture directly into the chip.

Created the world's most powerful server dedicated to Transformer reasoning. You can run a model with trillions of parameters!

Throw NVIDIA hundreds of streets

It can:

Real-time voice proxy: It can process thousands of words in milliseconds.

Better coding and tree search: hundreds of responses can be compared in parallel.

Multicast speculative decoding: generating new content in real time.

Run the future trillion parameter model: only need one core, support all open source software stack, and can be extended to 100T parameter model.

Advanced decoding technology: including beam search and MCTS decoding.

144 GB HBM3E per chip: supports MoE and converter variants.

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Eye of God is an American chip startup company, which aims to build super-intelligent hardware and design special chips for language model reasoning.

So when it comes to entrepreneurial inspiration, he takes precautions. There is no 8-bit MAC SIMD instruction in Arm's instruction assembly. Uberti, the founder, suggested that the kernel of Arm Cortex M4 and Cortex M7 was rejected instantly, but a 16-bit instruction, which means that the operation speed of MAC SIMD is cheap during the accident. "This topic is particularly difficult, and every emperor has to face and belittle it.

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