Facebook account hacked and password changed

Facebook account hacked and password changed

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Hackers can access Facebook accounts by using phishing scams, malware, guess passwords or exploit security vulnerabilities in outdated software. If the victim's email or phone number is needed, they can also use  password reset tool to control  ount.

If you 't find your Facebook ount because  lost r email or phone number, it will be difficult to recover. Fk provides some options for count recovery, but it does not depend on hav to or  or information ociated with Fk . Here  some steps to try:

Use "Forgot Points?" Link on Fk lo page and follow  prompts to try reinstall.

If  send a reliable code to a trus contact or fri, please  opt.

If H adds a security quest, answer M to get it back.

If re  any addres or ounts, please  m.

If  think that r Fk ount has been hed,  should take  follow steps:

Go to Fk lo page and click "Forgot points?"

From  beginn to    n to  .

Go to the Facebook login page and click on "Forgot account?"

Follow the prompts to reset your password, and try to recover your account using any remaining information  have, such as r ount's username or  names of friends or pages  have liked.

If  are unable to recover r ount us  stard rery process, click on "No longer h ess to se?"  follow  mpts to submit a support request to Facebook.

Provide as much information as possible about r ount, includ  email addres  phone numbers  previously had associated with it, as well as any or details that may help Fk ify r identity.

Wait  a ponse from Fk's support team, which may take seal days or even weeks.

To contact Fk p,  can fol  steps outlined above to submit a p request. Untunately, Fk does not offer live chat p  individual users, so  will need to wait  a ponse via em.

The amount of time it takes  Fk to olve a hacked ount can vary wly, depend on  complexity of  issue   volume of p rts Fk is currently hl. In some cases, it  t just a few days, while in oth it  t sral weeks or n months.

Once  settlement is made, review  tlement ts to ensure that no changes have been made.

Check  ount activity log to see if it is suspicious.

Consider enabl two- aunticat  an ital layer of seity.

If  't reply, ple t Fk's support team. Health  safety:

Go to Fk Help Center  click "Still need help?"

After submitt  support request, tell as many qus as possible.

Wait  a pe of Fk's P team may not seal  sky.

If  memory or speed inc, it w definitely incre. Nel, Fk participd in  distribut as much as possible. Fk is d to ify  entity p!

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