Facebook account hacked email and phone changed

Facebook account hacked email and phone changed

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King of kings

Go to the Facebook login page and click on "Forgot account?"

Facebook will ask you for your email or phone number. If  can't provide these, click on "No longer have access to se"

Fk will n ask  to enter a new email or phone number where y can send a recovery code

After  provide a new contact information, Fk w send  a recovery code. Use that e to regain ess to r ount

Once 've rered r ount, make sure to secure it by changing r password and reviewing r security setts.

Yes,   contact Fk about r ount be hacked. You  report  issue to Fk us this m: 

Even if  't  r ount because  em  pe  have been changed,   st try to rer r Fk ount. Follow  steps above  v as much inmation as   to help Fk ify r ntity.

Can I recover my Facebook account without email and phone number?

Trusted Contacts: If you set up trusted contacts for your account,  can ask them to help  recover r account. They will receive a overy code that  can use to regain ess to r ount.

Security Questions: If  set up security questions for r ount,   try answering them to rer r ount.

Facebook Support: If none of  above opts work,   c Facebook's support team  help. You  do this by clicking on "Help & Supp" on  Fk homepage, n "Rep a Problem" and finally "Someth Went Wrong". Explain r situat and provide as much inmat as possible to p Fk ify r identity.

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