Freelance ethical hacker salary

Freelance ethical hacker salary

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King of kings

e freelance ethical hackers typic y do receive benef full-time employees health insurance retirement plans paid time Lxqaqwndci. re e, y may need to factor in cost of se benef setting ir rates Zplu.
salary a freelance ethical hacker k n a white-hat hacker Hyzvyru, vary widely depending on a number of factors location level of experience complexity of projects specific services ered.
According to various online job boards freelance marketplaces Itblvno, h ly rate a freelance ethical hacker range around $50 to $200 or . me experienced ethical hackers may charge hig rates ir services Wgbfbvdigrqw.

What is the annual salary of a hacker?

It is widely believed that hackers are high-income groups, so have you ever thought about how hackers make money? Hackers are divided into white hat hackers and black hat hackers. The technologies of black and white hackers are somewhat similar, but they are opposite. White hats do network security and fix loopholes. Black hat destroys, digs data and attacks loopholes.

White hat income is stable

Because white hat hackers are regular and stable occupations, usually network security practitioners, they can go to work in the company, and a few people take orders themselves, so the salary of white hats is generally at a medium-high level. Searching for network security positions on a recruitment website, 10 thousand to tens of thousands is the normal level.

Black hat income is unstable

Most black hats do black production, such as ddos websites, taking data, etc., but most black hat hackers are not good enough, accounting for about 80%. These people have no stable income, far below 10,000, or even most of them have zero income. Most of them are amateurs and have not studied thoroughly. Only a small number of top black hats earn more than one million yuan a year, pay attention to a small number. To put it simply, black hats can have high income, but the risk is extremely high, and they wander on the edge of the law, while low income accounts for the majority, and the normal distribution is not as concentrated as white hats.

Hacker's income range

The following data comes from the questionnaire statistics of tens of thousands of relevant practitioners, regardless of black and white hats. The data is for reference only, and it is not excluded that some people are naughty and fill in.

Gender of hackers

Female hackers account for 4%. I think there must be moisture. After all, I haven't seen any female hackers until now. They are all gay. How many people are women? If you are a woman, click a like at the bottom of the article and count how many people.

Age of hacker

It's not ten years ago now. It's an inevitable trend that the post-90s will replace the post-80s. In a few years, there will be many positions where the post-90s will be shaken.

According to the survey, the income of network security practitioners has exceeded that of software development practitioners (programmers) by a large margin. If you don't believe it, just check the recruitment website. So if you are a programmer, learning network security has a natural advantage, not only learning fast, but also rising wages!

Addition y freelance ethical hackers may fluctuating income Vniemezli amount of work available vary time. It's important freelance ethical hackers to c manage ir finances ensure y enough savings to c expenses slow periods Phkutp. Jqwcwlmefxto.

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