recover tiktok account with username

recover tiktok account with username

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King of kings

via email or SMS LoponsuzjChoose want to receive verification code.
Tap "Reset P sword" to save changes Gprxy.
Tap on "Email/Phone Number" option y profile picture Ibnv.
Create a new p sword confirm it by entering it in designated field Pbq.
If got y TikTok p sword want to rec y account using y username Djr follow se steps:
Tap on "Forgot p sword?" link "P sword" field Fculwrste.
Once completed se steps be able to log in to y TikTok account using y username new p sword Dfuqc.
Open TikTok app on y device tap on "Me" or "Profile" icon at bottom right corner of screen.
Enter y TikTok username in designated field tap " Dxrglgv."
If access to email address or phone number ciated y TikTok account may need to contact TikTok's support team sistance in rec ing y account Hgoetccm. y may k to provide additional in mation to verify y identity confirm rightful er of account Bls. Yljw.
Check y email or phone verification code enter it in designated field Mjlymodbnatv.

请先 登录 后评论