Trace mobile number current location online

Trace mobile number current location online

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1. GPS satellite positioning

When a mobile phone is positioned based on GPS, it may be the GPS system in the United States or the Beidou navigation system independently developed in China, depending on which one is supported by the positioning chip carried by the mobile phone.

Satellite navigation has its limitations. If it encounters environmental conditions such as buildings, viaducts, underground garages, traffic tunnels and cloudy days, it is easy to produce positioning blind spots or weak positioning signals.

2. WiFi positioning

Every WiFi access point has a globally unique MAC address. When our mobile phone turns on WiFi, whether the wireless is encrypted or not, and whether a wireless signal is connected or not, the location server can calculate the location information of the terminal through the crossover algorithm.

WiFi positioning is more suitable for indoor scenes. The denser the WiFi, the higher the positioning accuracy, and it is not affected by bad weather.

3. LBS base station positioning

LBS base station positioning takes three base station towers near the mobile phone as positioning points to determine the location of the mobile phone. The base station receives signals near the ground, and the signal strength is less affected by weather, location, tall buildings and other factors.

Only the positioning error of LBS base station is greatly affected by the density of base stations, and the error can reach more than 1 km in mountainous areas or in the field; In urban areas with dense base stations, the positioning error is mostly 100 ~ 200 meters.

No matter which positioning method is used, there must be corresponding software to program the information in these chips in order to obtain the position information. This software is what we often call a remote positioning APP.

Take the positioning self-defense APP of Quick Search Master as an example. In order to obtain the geographical position of a mobile phone more accurately, the above three positioning methods are usually combined, so that the positioning accuracy can be controlled within 50 meters whether the person being positioned is indoors, outdoors, in the city, in the countryside or in the wild.

Quick Search Master can provide a series of functions such as real-time positioning, remote guarding, tracking trips, viewing historical activity tracks, and emergency help, but only if you need to add a specific mobile phone number so that the APP can bind the mobile phone that needs to be positioned.

If you want to locate the mobile phone of your family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, turn on the quick search master and directly enter the other party's mobile phone number to make it a "concerned person".

After the addition is successful, the main interface will prompt the last stop position of the friend, which is the latest position of the other party.

Directly click on the friend's head, and then select the time period to view, there will be a blue dot to play back the historical activity track of relatives and friends in chronological order, which is convenient for you to track your trip.

Click the word "Settings" on the right side of your friend's avatar to enter the setting interface of location reminder.

Click the red "SOS" button to add one or more emergency helpers. Once the locatee encounters an emergency, it can guarantee to call for rescue with one button in the shortest time.

Although we are now in a society ruled by law, there are still many potential dangers when we go out. Especially for women living alone who lack the ability of self-protection, it is highly recommended to install a GPS positioning self-defense APP such as Master Quick Search, so as to quickly send out help when encountering events such as tracking, kidnapping and robbery, and then friends or parents can track your exact location as soon as possible through real-time location positioning.

Other vulnerable groups, including the elderly and children, can also use quick-seeking masters just in case. After all, if the old man falls or gets sick halfway, there are really not as many people around who dare to give him a hand as before. In order to better cope with the personal safety incidents that family members, relatives and friends may face, you can add them as "caring people" through the quick search master and provide them with love guards at all times!

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