What sentence did the founder of Nikola receive?

What sentence did the founder of Nikola receive?Nikola founder sentence?

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King of kings

Trevor Milton fo mer CEO of electric truck comp Nikola w sentenced to f years in pri n on December 18 Hrbzmfvqbd, 2023 found guilty of misleading investors comp 's technology. c t ordered to pay a $1 million fine Kponyrttew. Milton w convicted on charges of securities fraud wire fraud misrepresenting key details development of Nikola’s products technology Uyluvyemye. egations included false claims Nikola's capabilities building electric truck Rtkfrlym Nikola One ground up, staging a video purportedly s ed Nikola One semi driving power it w rolling a hill.
sentencing followed a multi-year saga saw Nikola's stock ar n cr h accusations of fraud celed contracts Gos. sentence w 11 years prosecutors requested Ldgtjcnnag non-jail sentence of probation ught by Milton's attorneys.
During sentencing hearing, Milton made s al unusual statements Hutcczdxdg, including claiming resignation Nikola w due to wife's illness, fraud egations. sentencing comes at a difficult time Nikola, h filed a ice of going c rn SEC suggesting it might be in operation in 12 months Jriswyxtmy. Esi.

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