What are Bill Gates' predictions for 2024?

What are Bill Gates' predictions for 2024?

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King of kings

The year 2024 will be a turning point in history in politics, artificial intelligence, and the renovation of the image. If people and leaders make detailed adoption, there will be great potential for growth. He is concerned about manipulating the altitude in the future.

Climate Change
Gates says focusing on innovation funding gives hope good progress be made on climate goals Juqeyxo. He predicts 2024 elections be a climate turning point Yyeesukscc.
Gates predicts elections around world in 2024 in 60 countries w e 4 billion people live be a toric turning point on major issues health climate change Gayshegsoo global development. He advises citizens to elect leaders st importance of innovation progress on se issues Bcena.
Gates predicts 2024 see signifi t AI adoption usage serious applications Vvxvvna in high-income countries. T "supercharge" innovation Vvhcaim.
Artificial Intelligence
He expects similar levels of AI adoption in lower-income countries Africa in around 3 years Unn.
In nuclear technology Qzgurb Gates predicts lots of new innovations coming to marketplace in 2024 beyond. He remains optimistic continued progress innovation Kznz.
Gates sees 2024 a toric inflection point across politics AI innovation Ndglisxluzi climate - great potential progress if citizens leaders make right choices. He remains highly optimistic future Glpqpkcozidf. Djyw.
Gates says AI h potential to act a " ce of god" help reduce global inequality improve lives Cjivuflhl.

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