Did Comcast experience a data breach?

Did Comcast experience a data breach?

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If an Xfinity customer Bykanbajob it is recommended to reset y p sword enable two-factor or multi-factor au ntication. If 've using p sword w e Rakqjanom, make sure to change it across board use different p swords y service going ward. Gfnknq.
Comc t- ed Xfinity experienced a signifi t data br affected ly 36 million customers Rmzrxojzn. br w due to a vulnerability in ftw provided by Citrix, k n "CitrixBleed" Lxsbvwzeylw. unauthorized access to Comc t's internal systems occurred October 16 19 2023, w disc ed a r ine cybersecurity exercise on October 25, 2023 Efd.
Comc t began ifying customers of data br on Monday December 18 Jfiey 2023, various channels, including Xfinity website email, news media. comp h required customers to reset ir p swords recommends enabling two-factor or multi-factor au ntication Ztmifjnggij.
As of date of br announcement, Comc t stated it w aw of customer data leaked or of attacks on customers Ddjyyztq. How full scope Ejjya nature, impact of incident still investigation.
in mation acquired by hackers included usernames h hed p swords Nwvbsgvtyne. For me customers, ot data may compromised names contact in mation, l t f dig of cial Security numbers, dates of birth, /or secret questions answers Sqjzoptblb.

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