uhomes, the home for international students

uhomes, the home for international students

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uhomes app is an overseas accommodation rentail platform, designed for all international student and provide convenient apartment searching services. The app is designed with simple interface, make sure users can operate it easily. On the platform, users can quickly find living options in anywhere, including on-campus resident hall, off-campus student accommodation, private housing and even home stay family. Users can also personalize the filter by their different requirement to view all accommodation near their location. Our app will also provide detail information and real media files to help users find the most suitable choice. At the same time, uhomes has a consulting team of experts from different regions who have gained extensive experience in the international student accommodation market. They will support users with the accurate suggestions by rich data and systematic products of our platform. If you are looking for a student flat, don’t wait and give it a try today!

Platform Introduction

uhomes is an internet company, was established on 19/01/2015 and invested by New Oriental, Leo Group and UTour Group jointly. With international study property and cross-border rentals as the major business, uhomes is committed to breaking the loop of the international study industry. In addition to the headquarters in Tianjin, uhomes has a number of branches all over the world, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, New York, Toronto, Boston, Tokyo, Sydney, etc, in order to provide services for global students.


uhomes offers a wild selection of properties and ultimate services to worldwide international students. It has properties in 28 cities of UK, including Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Birmingham, Sheffield, Nottingham, Coventry, Leeds, Huddersfield, Durham and Loughborough. If users need more information, please visit the official website (en.uhomes.com) or download the uhomes App, and uhomes will patiently answer all questions.

Products and Services

1. The International student accommodation platform covers 700+ cities and 1000+ Universities. Add with more than 1.2 million property information pages, creating one of the most professional global student property search engines.


2. Jointly invested by New Oriental, UTour group and Leo Corporation. The exclusive partner of New Oriental for the international student property market.


3. Covering all famous universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, helps thousands users to find suitable student properties.


4. The group of consultants with rich global student flat experience will recommend high-quality living options to users, including student accommodation, private housing and home stay family.


5. Users can deliver rent online without extra costs. The payment process is supervised by a professional organisation, and users can track the payment status in real time.


 Taking this opportunity, this article also introduces a few popular student accommodation in the UK on uhomes platform.


London Student Accommodation

Being the capital of the UK, London is undoubtedly the premier target of international study in this country. Lightfoot Hall is a well-known flat within the city, it is located in the heart of Kensington, which is one of the most affluent areas in central London. From here, Imperial College and Royal College of Music students have quick access to the campus, while Notthing Hill and Westminster is 10 minutes away by underground.

Glasgow Student Accommodation


Thurso Street student flat in Glasgow is located close to the River Kelvin, a beautiful and comfortable place to live. The apartments offer modern-designed rooms and basic furnishings, with full amenities in each room and private bathrooms, so students can move in quickly. There are also car parking spaces and bicycle storage in the communal areas of the flats, making it easy for students to settle into their new surroundings. 

Liverpool Student Accommodation

Students in Liverpool should consider Lennon Studios, which is ideally located in the city centre, where supermarkets and restaurants can easily be found around the apartment.The flats offer both En-suite and Studio room types and each room is individually designed so students can choose according to their requirement.


Uhomes app FAQ

1. How do I book student accommodation on the uhomes platform?

First, you can search for your target school or city on the homepage, and then you can view the nearby properties. Once you have selected a property, you can book it online and make a deposit. However, due to the tight supply of student properties, it is possible that the room may be booked by another user before your order, it is recommended that you contact our consultant to check the availability of the property before the formal payment.


Rental process:

Filtering  Viewing  Ordering  Waiting for confirmation  Paying deposit  Signing contract  Waiting for move-in


2. How can I view the property?

If you are in the same country as your target property, we can book a viewing for you. Or one of our consultants will view the property and report back to you. We also offer room tour videos of some properties, so you can check the room in full detail online.


3. How do you find your properties, and where do they come from?

All properties on uhomes are provided by agents, landlords, developers, and student accommodation providers, and all information and qualification have been checked before displayed.


4. How long is a short-term rental?

Currently, the contract of properties on the uhomes are divided into two types: short-term rentals refer to living under three months, and long-term rentals refer to staying over three months.


5. Can I stay with my friends if they come over?

This is usually stated in the contract and students are advised to check with the flat team or landlord in advance.


6. Do I have to pay anything extra besides the rent when booking?

Depending on the country, the fees you might pay other than rent are:


Deposit: You usually need to pay a one month's rent before you move in, which will be refunded upon expiry of the contract if there is no damage to the property and the contract is not broken unilaterally in the end.


Utility Fee: When renting a social housing unit, you may be required to pay for utilities such as water and electricity. Please refer to the terms and conditions in the contract.


Application fee: In the United States and Australia, some flats require you to pay a non-refundable application fee at the time of application.


7. Are all the flats on the uhomes platform furnished?

Usually, student accommodations are furnished, but most social flats or houses are unfurnished. You need to check the property's details and the rental contract's terms to see if the property is furnished or not.


8. Can I get a refund if I don't need the flat I booked now?

If you unilaterally terminate the contract, the deposit will be refundable according to the agreement. We will do our best to help you transfer the room to another student. However, the application fee you paid for the flat is not refundable.


9. Can I change my room after I have booked my student accommodation?

It depends on the availability of accommodation and the terms of the contract. It is important to contact the landlord or accommodation provider in the first time.

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