What is Jony Ive's Vision Pro patent?

What is Jony Ive's Vision Pro patent?

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King of kings

The Vision Pro patent, which includes Jony Ive as an inventor, details ways an external screen on a head-mounted display could be used to indicate what the wearer is seeing or doing. This pnt is not specifically about the Vision Pro and its "EyeSight" display feature, but it's clear that some of  ideas informed  features in  final headset.

One of  tuish fs of Apple’s Vis Pro hset is  outer p. This p shows colorful abstract patns when  user is fully immersed in content, and a simulat of ir eyes when y are in augmented reality mode, able to see ir surrounds. The pnt suggests t  extal screen of  Vis Pro could show  r's eyes or a color t to indic full immers in virtual reality.

The pnt also includes draws t depict various ths t  Vis Pro heet's al p d s at different times. These e  wher, a stock price chart, a DO NOT DISTURB sign, or even replac  wer’s s with Zoom icons. However, it's important to note t pnts don't necessarily equ to shipp products or fu.

Apple is reporly very close to launcg  Vis Pro,   pnt ss t  company is exp possibiies to make  virtual rey heet more ful. Howr, it's wh  t ely winn a pnt does  mean Ae will e t e in  Vis Pro t – eir now or in  fue.

Ive is best known for his work at Apple, where he served as senior vice president and CEO of industrial design. [1][2] Since 2017, he has been the president of the Royal College of Art in London.

Eve joined Apple in September 1992 and was promoted to senior vice president in the late 1990s after co-founder Steve Jobs returned to the company in 2015. He held this position until he left the company in July 2019. During my tenure at Ae, I worked closely with Jobs and played an important role in ot products such as iMac, Power Mac G4 Cube, iPod, iPhone, iPad, MacBook and some U interfaces of Ae's mobile operating system iOS.

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